Consultancy for ecological sustainability

EcoNatura is a one-person ecological consultancy operating from the Netherlands. The firm was founded in 2008 and is run by Erwin van Maanen (MSc. BSc. Hons). Erwin is a university trained biologist/ecologist and environmental scientist. He has worked as an ecological consultant since 1995 on a multiple of projects in the Netherlands and abroad; including assignments for international clients.

Services are broad-based in the diverse field of applied ecological research, with extensive experience in the following fields.

  • Ecological and environmental assessment in light of Dutch ecological legislation (species and protected areas) and management.
  • Research into conservation management of flora & fauna.
  • Landscape ecological research.
  • Wildlife management research.
  • Incorporation of ecology in spatial and urban development (urban ecology), including ecological assessment of sustainable energy facilities (solar and wind parks).
  • Road ecology.
  • International nature and biodiversity conservation in light of development cooperation.
  • Rewilding.
  • Tendering for nature conservation en development projects.
  • Institutional capacity building for environment and ecological sustainability.

Ecological research and consulting by EcoNatura tackles and tailors to a diverse range of ecological cases, with experience in a broad range of ecosystems, for instance pristine rainforests to urban environments.

Clients include governmental organisations, management agencies, companies and private persons.

Please contact for more information and on how we can be of service:

Ecologisch advies