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EcoNatura environmental consulting offers a wide range of expert consulting services in the combined field of ecology, environment, sustainability and climate change in the Netherlands and internationally. Specific expertise includes:

  • Ecological and environmental impact assessment within the framework of environmental policy and legislation (e.g. EU Natura 2000).
  • Mitigation and compensation planning for the protection of biological and landscape diversity.
  • Ecological surveys and quality assessments of flora and fauna and habitats.
  • Nature or ecological management, development and restoration planning.
  • Studies in conservation ecology.
  • Ecological sustainability and the harmonization of the socio-economics of local human communities with biodiversity and natural landscape protection and enhancement.
  • Rewilding.
  • Institutional capacity building for ecological and environmental protection within the framework of development cooperation.
  • Provision of environmental training and education.
  • Scientific studies.
  • Nature, conservation and environmental photography (stock or assignment).
  • Expert witness or second opinions.
  • Authoring.
  • Nature, environmental or conservation photography with available stock or photography on commission.

With international university education (Australia and the Netherlands) and 15 years of environmental consulting experience EcoNatura now works with an integral or holistic approach. EcoNatura offers a broad command of environmental issues and the ability to in-depth study on certain topics, drawing together essential knowledge for sustainable solutions. International environmental experience was gained through long and short term missions in Australia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Middle East and in Central- and South America. Recent assignment is a study for sustainable development of a village in the Romanian Carpathians situated next to a Natura 2000 protected area.

International nature conservation work is also initiated and performed through The Rewilding Foundation (formerly the Anatolian Leopard Foundation).

EcoNatura Ecological Consultant is available for short-term missions abroad as single consultant or as part of consortia.

Sponsor international conservation

By hiring EcoNatura clients can choose to have 5% of the tax deducted consulting fee donated to The Rewilding Foundation and thereby provide knock-on impuls to conservation projects effectively aimed at safeguarding or restoring large-scale ecosystems with keystone species and biodiversity.


Dial directly (please note the time difference with central Europe): 0031-570-614176. Or use the contact form to email.